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State of Tennessee Basic Tax Information:

Franchise Tax

  • Tax on the greater of net worth or book value of property owned or used in Tennessee. 
  • Tax rate is 25¢ per $100. 
  • Finished goods inventory in excess of $30 million may be excluded. 
  • Pollution control equipment is exempt from franchise tax base. 
  • Property under construction and not being utilized is not included. 
  • Property rented from the industrial development corporation may be valued by capitalizing it on the books. 
  • Tennessee exempts two thirds (2/3) of the capital investment of companies qualifying for the Jobs Tax Super Credit from the franchise tax base during those tax year in which the annual Super Credit is allowed. 

Excise Tax

  • Tax is based on the net earnings of the company derived from doing business in Tennessee. Companies doing business in Tennessee and other states use a 3-factor apportionment formula of property, payroll and sales with sales double-weighted. 
  • Tax rate is 6.5%. 
  • No throwback provision – sales outside of Tennessee are not taxed. 
  • All capital losses are claimed in the year incurred. 
  • Net operating losses can be carried forward for 15 years. 
  • Net operating losses for projects over $100 million may be extended beyond 15 years. 

 Sales and Use Tax

  • 7% state sales tax plus the applicable local rate (2.25%-2.75%) on any person or company who manufactures, distributes or sells tangible personal property within the state. 

No sales tax is levied on:

  • Purchases, installation and repairs of qualified industrial machinery. 
  • Raw materials for processing. 
  • Pollution control equipment for manufacturers. 
  • Reduced sales tax rates for manufacturers’ use of energy fuel and water (1.5% vs. 7%). 
  • Qualified industrial supplies. 
  • Items purchased for resale. 
  • Containers, packaging and wrapping materials. 
  • Additional exemptions or credits may be available. 

Property Tax

  • Attractive depreciation schedules. 

No property tax on:

  • Goods-in-progress. 
  • Finished goods inventories in hands of manufacturers. 
  • Inventories of merchandise for sale. 
  • Goods-in-transit (free port). 

Personal Income Tax

  • No statewide personal income tax. 
  • Consistently one of the lowest per capita taxed states in the nation. 

Source:  Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (http://state.tn.us/ecd/BD_basic_tax_info.html)