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Fairview Technology Center
11020 Solway School Rd
Knoxville, TN  37931

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17 Market Square, #201
Knoxville, Tennessee  37902

p. (865) 546-5887
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Todd Napier
President and CEO


Fairview Technology Center Clients

The Fairview Technology Center (FTC) can be the perfect launching point for technology-based startups.  The following firms are startups currently occupying space at the FIC.

TrakLok Corporation
TrakLok Corporation

TrakLok Corporation was formed in 2008 by a group of like-minded individuals and serial entrepreneurs with highly complementary skills and interests. The company's mission is to commercialize products and services into the global shipping industry to revolutionize both cargo security and efficiency in order to return value to its shareholders. The company offers products that provide physical security and global visibility for highly mobile cargo and containers.

TrakLok is deploying the GeoLok™ solution, a device that prevents unauthorized entry for a container, and the TrakLog™ Intermodal Tracking and Management System™ (ITMS). The ITMS provides real-time data on the location and condition of a given container, on a need-to-know basis, to improve the efficient management of these assets.

 FFD, Inc
FFD, Inc

FFD, Inc. is an IT development company formed in 2004 to pursue the development, marketing and sales of Sequence Enterprise Software. Developed for Windows® using Microsoft's .Net Framework, Sequence is based on extensive market research and close working relationships with high-tech manufacturing organizations. These relationships allow a solid understanding of our target customer profile and also help define the key software features that create a unique value proposition for our current and potential customers. Currently, enterprise sales have expanded to include over 50 companies and in excess of 200 licensed users which include some of the most respected names in all manufacturing verticals.

In response to global economic conditions and to further expand its customer base, FFD launched LockStep desktop software in February of 2009. LockStep is designed to bridge the gap for companies that need to get started with an appropriate work instruction solution but are currently limited by either size or economics.

FFD is currently shipping V2.5.5 of Sequence Enterprise and V1.2 of LockStep.

Streamline Group, LLC

3rd Dimension Technologies,

TDT’s Angular Slice 3D Display technology goes beyond traditional stereo displays and provides a fully immersive 3D user experience. See imagery in spectacular 3D without the use of cumbersome glasses or headgear. Move around the display to change perspective and to see around objects in a scene with no dead zones or flipping. No need to dim room lights or close the shades, the optical design provides exceptional brightness even outdoors in bright sunlight. Choose a size to fit your needs, the technology scales from desktop to theater. Brilliant full color, high resolution 3D visualization at video frame rate is ideal for complex data analysis, geospatial intelligence, mechanical and architectural design, medical imaging diagnostics and robotic surgery, training simulations, telepresence, digital signage, and high-end entertainment.


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To learn more about Fairview Technology Center contact Todd Napier, President and CEO of The Development Corporation of Knox County, at (865) 546-5887.