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Todd Napier
President and CEO



The Knoxville-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley area possesses unbeatable transportation resources that offer distinct advantages for product and supply distribution, just-in-time delivery, and business travel:

  • Centrally located at the junction of three major interstates: I-40, I-75, and I-81.
  • Access to markets throughout the Eastern US from the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.
  • Served by major airlines, railroads and trucking companies.
  • Low-cost barge transportation on the Tennessee River.
  • Intermodal services such as those offered by Burkhart Enterprises, offering barge, truck and rail transfer options as well as bulk storage facilities.

A full range of dependable utility services is available, including communication networks, reliable, abundant TVA electricity, natural gas and other infrastructure assets.

The area is also a hub for transportation research:

  • The National Transportation Research Center conducts research that contributes to the safety, efficiency, and reliability of U.S. transportation systems.
  • The National Safe Skies Alliance tests and evaluates aviation security technologies for airports.