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17 Market Square, #201
Knoxville, Tennessee  37902

p. (865) 546-5887
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Todd Napier
President and CEO


Livability and Quality of Life:

The Knox County area offers a quality of life that is second to none. Its growing population demonstrates that people from all over are attracted to its vibrant cities and suburbs and serene rural areas. The region is home to many retirees, who are drawn to its moderate climate, lower cost of living, affordable housing, and numerous cultural and recreational activities.

Knoxville continually receives high honors for quality of life:

  • Cost of living: 12 percent lower than the national average
  • Housing: 20 percent lower than the national average
  • Healthcare: 9.7 lower than the national average

Cost of Living Comparisons

Cost of living comparisons can be made between Knoxville, TN and any other city in the United States by clicking on the following Cost of Living chart provided by